Now Is The Time! - September 30, 2016

Intentional Christian aging is different than slipping, sliding, coasting and idling into our senior years. That ought to be our agenda as Christians—thoughtful aging.

Much of life is relatively clearly defined – infancy, toddler times, kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college or career, marriage, parenthood, are well-modeled. We know what these phases involve. but not the third quarter or the second half. Something has happened so rapidly that we lack models, traditions, patterns, and guidelines about how to live to 95 or 100 instead of to 75 or 85.

By nature or training, my dad, while a wonderful, generous, caring person, did not know how to concentrate his energies on giving encouragement, support, admiration, interest and pats on the back to the younger generation, or even his peers, the senior group.

Right there we pinpoint a major opportunity and responsibility for life after 60. Instead of conventional workplace productivity, we can step instead into relational business. Seniors need to know how much they have to offer the younger generation just in terms of paying attention to them and speaking clear messages of love, encouragement, support and kindness. The vibrancy and bravado of youth should not distract us. And 'feelings' of love are not enough – positive words heal, lift, inspire, strengthen, immunize.

Beyond our own families, here is a second career for all of us. Sending messages of care and kindness all around. SHOWING UP!! In tough and painful circumstances next door, across the street, or by phone, mail or internet to hurting strangers.

For all of my readers who are over 60 (it might also be a good idea for those who are younger), I recommend to you that you undertake a 'self check'. Consider where your focus is most of the time: are you sharing the wisdom of your life experiences and modeling for others, or are you 'slipping, sliding, coasting and idling' into your senior years? Are you outer-focused, or inner-focused?

You are filled with tons of good stuff!
Please! . . . Share it.
Sprinkle it around each day.

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